Those of you who are familiar with my stash are aware that I’m a huge fan of yarns from The Verdant Gryphon. Verdant Gryphon (VG) was one of the first indie dyers that I discovered, and I haven’t been able to stay away for long since. Variegated yarns, and Gryphon’s in particular, just sing to me.

Along with a lovely catalog of standard colorways, VG features limited runs of special colorways several times a month. This Monday’s update featured two of Gryphon’s personal favorites, Gopher Tuna and Sewer Gators. I think the name Gopher Tuna is hilarious (it’s a mondegreen of O Fortuna) and it is a very pretty magenta and saffron colorway. However, I decided that I can let it go this time, for the sake of my yarn diet. It helps that Gopher Tuna is similar to my beloved skeins of Verdant Gryphon Dryad of the Old Oak, which I still need to match to a pattern.

Dryad of the Old Oak, Verdant Gryphon Traveller DK
Dryad of the Old Oak, Traveller DK

Sewer Gators. That’s another name I can get behind. I’m not a huge fan of how it looks on Bugga (sport weight) and Mithril (lace weight), but it’s AMAZING on Odyssey (bulky) and Traveller (DK). I would describe it as a rusty, golden rainbow. It’s fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. Darn it!

Why am I cursing the fact that I found a beautiful colorway? The yarn diet. Although yarn purchases aren’t forbidden, the more yarn that I buy, the longer it will take me to earn my sweet Ladybug spinning wheel.

This was my reaction to seeing that Sewer Gators:

The case for Sewer Gators:

  1. Sewer Gators is stunningly beautiful.
  2. It is one of Gryphon’s favorite colorways. She’s surrounded by pretty yarn. If she thinks it’s special, it’s special.
  3. Wow, is it ever beautiful!
  4. I haven’t bought any new yarn (premeditated subscription aside) since Stitches, which ended 3 weeks ago. That’s pretty impressive!
  5. I destashed a skein of yarn today, and therefore buying a skein of Sewer Gators would put me only half a point behind where I was yesterday (+1 for destash, -1.5 for purchasing yarn).
  6. Sewer Gators is vaguely similar to my Cinque Terre, which is a gorgeous colorway that I’m glad I own (see below). Shouldn’t my stash be full of my favorite things?
  7. There’s always destash.
  8. Traveller knits up quickly, and this skein might make me excited about knitting again. I like the Odyssey as well, but I’ve stashed enough bulky yarn.

The case against Sewer Gators

  1. I do want to keep on track to earn the spinning wheel.
  2. I’m very proud of myself every day that I don’t buy yarn.
  3. I haven’t been knitting much, and therefore I don’t really need to replenish my stash.
  4. Sewer Gators is vaguely similar to Cinque Terre, which I have on Traveller. I don’t need a redundant stash.
  5. I don’t know that owning a skein of Sewer Gators will significantly improve my quality of life.
  6. I searched Ravelry stashes for Sewer Gators on Traveller (under its former name, São Paulo), and it looks very different from this current batch. I’m not crazy about these stash photos, so it’s possible I won’t like the yarn that I receive.
  7. I can live without it.
  8. There’s no shortage of glorious yarn in this world. There are plenty of skeins in the sea. I know this isn’t the be-all, end-all yarn for me.
Cinque Terre, Traveller DK

So, what did I decide?

I’ll admit it. I didn’t even make it through drafting this post without purchasing a skein of Sewer Gators on Traveller. It’s stunning. I know I’ll treasure it. And if I don’t, I’ll be able to find someone who will.

Do I feel conflicted because I broke my yarn diet? Not at all. This is the beauty of my points system: I have the flexibility to buy special yarn when I really want to, but I have to weigh my purchases against my goal of earning a wheel. It’s working wonderfully for me.

How do you handle situations like this? Do you have arguments with yourself over whether to buy or not? Have you ever truly regretted passing on a special skein? I’d love to hear your perspective!


4 thoughts on “Sewer Gators, You Tempt Me!

  1. Oh man, Gryphon and Sarah (of the now closed Cephalopod Yarns) are such temptresses. Back when they worked together under Sanguine Gryphon, I was a grad student, and seriously stressed, and just discovering indie yarns, so I impulse-bought alllllll the time. AND THEN, when a whole bunch of crap went down with my family right about the time I was finishing up my thesis, they announced they were closing SG. CLOSING, AHH! THE PANIC! I bought so much yarn then, not knowing if either of the new companies would carry Codex (VG added it back in down the road) or any of the colors I loved. It was bad for my credit cards, let me tell you. I’ve since slowed down my purchasing because I learned that a lot of the times colorways I loved but missed came back up again later on, and if they didn’t, lots of people who overindulged were willing to destash most of the time, and if they didn’t, I already had a huge stash to work from so IT WAS FINE. Some days it takes considerable discipline, though, for sure.


    1. It’s funny how similar our experiences with stash are. I discovered knitting, and it soon after indie dyers, while I was still in grad school and definitely needed the happiness boost! And then recent upheaval in my personal life led to a HUGE stash expansion. I’ve learned I’m definitely an emotional yarn buyer, so I have to be careful. It’s not a coincidence that right before I bought the Sewer Gators, I’d been upset because I thought some monarch caterpillars had been accidentally buried. It’s great that you’ve been able to reduce your yarn buying to a level that’s comfortable for you. There’s always so much temptation!


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